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Messschieber auf Sandwich

The shocking BBC documentary that motivates people to finally lose weight for good

Almost three-quarters of the American people are overweight. One in three is even obese. Apparently, many people have a problem controlling their weight and losing excess body fat. But why is it so difficult for most people to lose weight?

As with smoking, obesity is a complex problem. Since most people do not care about all aspects of losing weight, most attempts or diets are doomed to failure.

Messschieber auf Sandwich

Four rules to successfully lose weight

If you want to lose weight successfully, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The will to lose weight must be present. Those who prefer snacking over wanting a healthy lifestyle have no chance to successfully lose weight. That’s where the video below comes into play. In addition, it is critical to question whether possibly food is abused as a compensation for frustration or boredom (cheap dopamine)
  2. A healthy communication between the stomach and the brain must be restored
  3. More calories must be burned than consumed. In addition to sports, the keto diet for example is extremely successful. With that approach the carbohydrates are massively reduced and the proteins and fats in the diet get temporarily increased
  4. Constant control of body weight, body fat and muscle mass. Body fat scales with Bluetooth connectivity are of great value to understand the own body and weight loss achievements

The motivation

The 2016 BBC documentary titled “Obesity – The Post Mortem Documentary” is about an autopsy performed on an obese person. This is not necessarily something for the faint-hearted, but it helps to internalize how problematic excess body fat is. It can clearly be seen how the organs suffer from the surrounding fat tissue. This movie is hopefully enough motivation for everyone who wants to get well and lose weight permanently.

Brain and stomach

For many overweight people, the stomach is either stretched, which is why they need to eat more to get full, or the communication between the stomach and brain is disturbed. In this case, the signal “I am full” from the stomach to the brain is ignored and you just keep eating, even though the stomach is already full.

By reducing calories and partially fasting (see next section), the stomach is slowly relieved and gradually returns to its original size and shape. Leading to the condition where one feels satisfied with less food.

However, the communication between the stomach and the brain must be mindfully practiced. The following, simple exercise helps: If you feel “hungry” and “think” that you want to eat something, you should imagine if you would be happy with eating an apple. If that’s the case, you’re actually hungry. But if instead you do not feel like having an apple for a bite, the brain just craves for some dopamine in the form of delicious food. In this case you should quench your meal or grab something low in calories.

The food

After making the decision to actually lose excess weight, all foods with a high carbohydrate content must disappear from the diet, at least temporarily. Pasta, bread and everything sugary is absolutely taboo. Those who can not do without carbohydrates can cheat with low carb / high protein bars. These bars are reduced in carbohydrate and instead work with so-called polys.

Then you gradually reduce the time frame in which you take in calories. The breakfast should be postponed a few minutes each day, so ideally you end up eating in a six hour window and doing 18 hours of fasting a day.

The control

It is important to constantly monitor the development and to measure the weight at least once per day with a body fat scale. They come with an app which stores the data from the scale and displays the progress in a graphical chart. This helps it to see exactly in which direction you are moving and ultimately increases motivation enormously.

Körperfettwaage Screenshot

Screenshot of the App which comes with the body fat scale

It is particularly important to pay attention to the daily vitamin and mineral requirements. So at least one meal a day should be very balanced, though carbohydrate-reduced.

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Frau im Bett mit Laptop

Protect your eyes from your smartphone

The time we spend every day in front of our cell phones, laptops and desktops is growing. Most discussions about our health are usually only about the correct posture but our eyes are usually left out of the debate, unfortunately.

Danger for the eyes and a healthy sleep

If your eyes are not protected, you risk not only headaches and migraine attacks, but also temporary and permanent eye damage. A young woman from Taiwan operated her mobile phone for two years at the highest brightness setting before she went to the doctor after an increased number of complaints. There, they diagnosed over 500 small holes on her retina.

Frau im Bett mit Laptop

On top of that, many people use their mobile phone right after waking up in the morning and before falling asleep at night – usually in dark rooms. The usual suspects are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This irritates our eyes. The bright light can also affect the hormones, which can lead to problems falling asleep. Therefore, it is advisable to stop using digital devices for at least 30-60 minutes before sleeping.

Blue light filter

But if you just can’t do without, you should at least adapt the brightness of your devices to the environment and especially use a blue light filter in the morning and the evening. This is an app that reduces the blue light on the display. The display will therefore be reddish (warmer) and much more pleasant for the eyes. Some manufacturers and Android versions have already integrated this feature into their system. Most blue-light filter apps can turn on and off automatically at the desired time via a timer function or via the time zone setting.

There are also programs for notebooks and PCs running Windows or Linux. For example redshift.

By the way, if you want to protect your privacy and surf faster and ad-free, we recommend the free Brave Browser (Android, iOS, Windows and Linux). It is based on Chromium (the open source version of Google Chrome) and comes with a built-in ad blocker.

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